I am a Doctor, not a politician, and the sickest thing on Earth is the federal government. Career politicians have committed legislative malpractice through reckless spending and have burdened our children with insurmountable debt and nanny state government. It's time to limit the scope of government, shrink our debt, and return power to the citizens.


Spineless “Never Trumpers” have allowed Democrats the ability to embark on a never-ending witch hunt designed to destroy our duly-elected President. I will fully support President Trump and his America First agenda.


Our founding fathers established a guidebook meant to create a nation, under God, where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the rights of every citizen. I will defend our 2nd Amendment rights, as well as every other right that is under attack by the liberal left.


Illegal Immigration threatens us all. The drugs, human trafficking, and overall lawlessness that comes with open borders must stop. The cost in both dollars and lives is a national tragedy.

Cut wasteful spending

Career politicians on both sides of the aisle have driven our nation’s finances into a monumental pit of debt. Undoubtedly, the single greatest threat to our security and future, I will run at our problems head on. I will make the difficult, but necessary decisions to get our country back on track.


As a physician, I have served thousands of Southwest Florida patients. I have seen firsthand how government-controlled healthcare drives up costs and destroys patients' quality of care. I will fight for a free market system that ensures competitive prices and quality of service.

Protect the unborn

Life begins at conception, and we must defend the rights and lives of those who cannot defend themselves. I will fight to defund Planned Parenthood and stop their promotion of senseless murder against the unborn.

Continue the fight for clean water

Tourism is the livelihood and backbone of our Southwest Florida economy. I will stand up to special interest who are destroying our waterfront sanctuaries. I will work with the private sector to continue the development of innovative solutions to protect our environment.

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